Lean Six Sigma and the Environment

taught by Brion Hurley

Course description

This free online course shows how Lean and Six Sigma can help businesses and organizations reduce their environmental impact.

This course is the online version of a classroom course I've been teaching the past couple years. I want to make it available to everyone, since I cannot travel all over the world, and don't want you to have to travel to Portland in order to learn the materials.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How organizations have applied these concepts to their organization (videos)
  • What is Sustainability and how it relates to finances
  • What is Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma
  • How the Lean 7 forms of waste have a negative impact on the environment 
  • How the Lean "gemba walk" approach can be used to reduce electricity usage 
  • How Six Sigma projects can be used to reduce electricity usage 
  • How Lean Six Sigma tools can be modified to incorporate the environment 
  • Why Lean and Six Sigma will not naturally address environmental impacts 
  • How to involve your Environment, Safety and Health and Facilities personnel into your improvement efforts 
  • How Lean Six Sigma can help your environmental efforts go beyond "low hanging fruit" ideas
  • Useful Lean Six Sigma Tools for the environment, such as 5S, Green Impact Matrix, SQDC and more! 

I will add more modules (shown in curriculum) to this course over time, but wanted to get the first 3 sections posted now, so you can get started. If there are specific tools or concepts from the curriculum that you'd like me to work on next, let me know.

Brion Hurley
Brion Hurley
Earth Consultant

I help teach people how to use efficiency techniques to help reduce their impact on the environment. I have over 15 years experience as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and have spent the last 10 years applying these techniques to sustainability efforts at work and in the community.

Visit the Lean Six Sigma and the Environment website at http://www.LeanSixSigmaEnvironment.org or email Brion at brion@biz-pi.com

Course Curriculum

Green Impact Matrix
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